Pricing Info

Whitetails/Mule Deer:  $600
Pronghorn:  $6
Elk:  $1,100-$1300
(Raghorn Elk can be done for less,
depending on size.)

Wall Pedestals, Floor Pedestals, Open
Mouth work and any habitat subject to
additional charges.  Call for quote.

Skin whole deer:  $25
Long incision:  $25
Antler Repair:  $15/inch for single tines
($60 min)
Complex repairs quoted per situation.

Puddler/Diver: $300
Eiders: $350
Geese under 8lbs: $350
Geese 8-10lbs: $425
Geese over 10lbs: $500

All bird mounts include a
hardwood panel and driftwood or
simple habitat.

Tabletop pedestals add $50-$75

Pheasant: $300
Quail: $200
Turkey: $750
Turkey Breast Mount Pedestal: $375

Pheasants and quail include
hardwood panel and driftwood.
Turkey price is for any pose, and
includes a small habitat base or a
limb for the wall.
Layered Tail: $50

Bass:  $400 any size under 24"
Bluegill: $300
Crappie: $350
Cold Water fish - price on request

Prices include driftwood
Antler Mounts

On a laser engraved
hardwood panel.

Deer  $150
Pronghorn  $200
Elk  $300
European Mounts

Deer: $50 (clean only)
$100 (clean/whiten w/hanger)
$150 (whitened on flat panel)

Other species priced by


Deer: $200 (dipped w/ hanger)
$250  (dipped on flat panel)
Turkey Tail Fans

Tail, Beard and Spurs on a
laser engraved hardwood
Small Mammals

Coyote: $750
Grey Fox: $675
Red Fox: $775
Bobcat: $700
Raccoon: $550
Possum: $550
Mink: $400
Otter: $550
Beaver: $575 (under 40lbs, Call for quote
over 40)

Prices include a base and simple habitat.
Terms of Service

A 50% deposit is required before any work
begins on a piece.
Mounts left unclaimed more than 30 days
past a notification of completion become
property of Fall Flight Taxidermy and will be
disposed of at our discretion or subject to
storage fees.